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dorothea_krellenberg oma_do_hahn_krellenberg georg_hahn_1890s
Groszmama Dorothea Hahn-Krellenberg with her father, about 1865. (C. Kindermann Photograph Breitestrasse No 738 Lübeck) Grandma Do Hahn-Krellenberg (1839-1918)                                                                                                                                                                      Opa Georg Hahn in 1900 [sic - probably 1890s]                                                                                                                                                          

Grandfather Georg J.C. Hahn was a freight expeditor in Rotterdam. He came from Lübeck. His father, Carl Hahn, married to Dorothea Krellenberg, had a joiner’s shop in Lübeck that included art furniture, as well as (fine) coffins. Dorothea Krellenberg came from an old lineage of Hansa seafarers. Her one brother Henri (Heinrich) was a sea captain. His two sons were Henri, who went to America, and Georg, whose son was a bookseller in Lübeck; he had 6 or 7 children. Dorothea Hahn-Krellenberg’s second brother was called Georg Krellenberg and was a businessman by profession. He had three children: Käthe (married her cousin Nipp), Hans and Georg (unmarried).

Grandfather Georg J.C. Hahn started in Antwerp, at the Firma Charles Somers & Co. He was then sent by the firm to Rotterdam to set up a branch office there, of which he became procurator. After the death of Charles Somers, Grandpa Georg started for himself. He had an office on the Maaskade, where all his children were also born, and later, after the family moved to The Hague, an office on the Boompjes.

On the Maaskade, downstairs was the office and salon; upstairs on the first and second floors was the living quarters. Grandpa Georg went to the Merchant’s Exchange every day. He handled transhipment of. ships, especially for transit. He had a knack for languages and spoke some eight languages.

When grandmother Wilhelmina Aarsse-Fritz died in 1909, Grandma Hahn had to look after her father in The Hague. The whole family moved to Francois Valentijnstraat, no 125, with a double upper house. Upstairs was a large play attic, where there was a doll’s house and trains, soldiers and forts (the latter Grandpa Louis gave to Grandma Louis’ brothers before he asked to marry her.

Grandpa Georg went to Rotterdam every day by train to work. Then, when he came home in the evening, Grandpa Louis would hear his father approaching; he walked with one foot on the sidewalk and the other on the street. Grandpa managed to be home just in time to wash up, after fishing in the Schenk. Grandpa Georg also went to Rotterdam on Sunday mornings, because he was an elder of the German Church in Rotterdam and he took that very seriously. On Sunday afternoons, the whole family went for a walk.

During the war, Grandpa Georg Hahn had practically no income. The whole business was at a standstill. He had to cash in almost everything he had built up.

In 1917, Grandpa Georg was called up for military service in Germany. He could have been naturalised as Dutch, of course, but he didn’t because it was war. He thought that was a cowardly way to evade his nationality. He had already been deferred once, but he did not get it now because he had an associate who was naturalised and could take care of business. Grandpa Georg never fought. He worked in the POW camp because he spoke French and English so well.

In 1918, he fell ill. Grandma Hahn went to Lübeck in August where he was in quarantine. He died on 29 November. A week later, his mother, Dorothea Hahn-Krellenberg died of a combination of Spanish flu and pneumonia.

georg_hahn_verlovingsfoto jo_aarsse_verlovingsfoto hahn_aarsse_verloofd hahn_aarsse_verloving
Georg Hahn 1870-1918 engaged to Jo Aarsse 1878-1960 [Photo 1901?]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jo Aarsse 1878-1960 engagement photo. Engaged to Georg Hahn 1870-1918                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             1901, Engaged. Grandma and Grandpa Hahn-Aarse in the garden of the house on Maaskade, Rotterdam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1901 - Grandma and Grandpa Hahn-Aarsse’s engagement party in Lübeck. From left to right: Aunt Betty Hahn, Grandma and Grandpa Hahn, in front Groszmama in between Gertrud and Lenie Lichtwark; behind them Aunt Mathilde and Onkel Carl Lichtwark-Hahn, with son Carl, and [Mathilde?]

clara_hahn_en_jet_aarsse hahn_aarsse_marriage jet_aarse_en_clara_hahn
1902. Clara Hahn and Jet Aaarsse, bridesmaids of Jo and Georg Hahn-Aarsse. Married in the Waalse Kerk 20 June 1902. Marriage of Georg Hahn and Johanna Catharina Aarsse                                                                         Jet Aarse and Clara Hahn. The two bridesmaids [Hahn-Aarsse marriage, 1902].                                                


Do, Louis and Jet Hahn

baby_do_hahn oma_do_en_do_hahn
Baby Do Hahn                                                                                                             Groszmama Dorothea Hahn-Krellenberg met Tante Do Hahn, 1904.

do_louis_en_jet_1906 louis_jetje_jo_en_do
Do, Louis and Jet Hahn. When we still lived on the Maaskade in Rotterdam ~1906 Louis, Jetje, Jo and Do Hahn. 1908 In the garden of the house on the Maaskade, in Rotterdam. With Jo Ledeboer.

kakschooltje do_jet_en_louis1912
Poop school in Rotterdam. Do and Lou Hahn Do, Louis and Jet Hahn. 1912

carl_lichtwark hahn_sisters_house marienkirchhof_luebeck
Onkel Carl [sic - Karl] Lichtwark (photo taken after 1895)                                                                                                                                                             Huis waar Clara en Betty Hahn en Mathilde Lichtwark - Hahn woonden in 1931                                                                                                             The house on Mariënkirchhof in Lübeck, where the two aunts Betty and Clara Hahn and Aunt Mathilde and Onkel Carl Lichtwark live.