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lcg_hahn_article LCG Hahn article

June 6 marks 50 years since Br. L. C. G. Hahn was initiated into the A.-L.-.’Deli’, O.-. Medan. In those days, working and living on an oil palm enterprise was still real pioneer work. Because of the long distances, regular lodge visits were not possible. However, the lodge ‘Deli’ was in possession of an extensive library and as Br.-. Hahn returned home after visiting his workshop, a veritable load of books was taken along for study. Friendships for life were also made during this period. As a result of the camp years, when the Hahn family was also torn apart, many good friends remained. Br.-. Hahn, for all the misery of captivity, had the privilege of meeting the Ged.-. Mr.-. of ‘Deli’, Br.-. mr dr Clifford Pownall, as a campmate. This Br.-. imparted his vast knowledge of philosophy to some interested Bbr.-. From this period dates the great love of Br.-. Hahn for the pre-Socratics and his studies on the Stoics.

After the war and the particularly difficult period thereafter, Br.-. Hahn had fortunately been spared and reunited, tried to build a new existence in the Netherlands. Br.-. Hahn accepted the position of head of social care at the camps for prisoners. After a few years - the eldest three children were studying in the Netherlands - he nevertheless went back to his old love, this time Indonesia. He became the big boss at the main palm oil company with the largest palm oil factory in the world. An 8,000-hectare company with 7,000 staff and over 30 staff. The availability of good transport made regular visits to the lodge possible in those years. After ending his eventful career, the family of Br. Hahn settled in Amsterdam.

Partly due to the former Delian Br.-. Klooster - the poet ‘Willem Brandt’ - Br.-. Hahn became a member of the A.-. L.-. ‘Willem Fredrik’, O.-. Amsterdam. Soon he was called to the position of Presiding Master. After a period of four years, he was asked to act as such for another three years. During these years, especially also when tensions arose, Br. Hahn made himself known as an outstanding leader. Prudent, wise and respectful of everyone, he steered the ship, which sometimes raged violently, in the right direction. Now, in the year of his jubilee, as Master of Honour, he has been given the opportunity to experience growth and unity again. On the activities of Br. Hahn as a thinker and publicist, much could be said. As co-founder and chairman of the Dutch Philosophical Society, he has published a great many works. Several of his studies also appeared in ‘Landmerk’. His translation into Dutch of Hegel’s ‘Pheanomenologie des Geistes’ is praised in professional circles. In Masonic circles he is a ‘travelling builder’, as he jokingly calls himself. Always at work, cheerful and full of humour, he is always ready to show the way to those who sincerely want to search for Truth.

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Louis Hahn and Lu and Jet Hahn - Mooij                   Jet 60th anniversary. Lou, Henri Aarsse, Jet, Joke